The Lonestar Souvenirs is a band out of Austin, Tx. Their music consists of a diverse list of original songs in the tune of Texas Country, Blues, Rock, and Pop mixed in with a wide variety of cover songs. The band travels and plays all over the state of Texas and has played in a few other parts of the country as well. 

The Lonestar Souvenirs are led by front man and guitar player extraordinaire, Gary Lee Cox on lead guitar, vocals, and harmonies. Gary was born in Woodville, Tx and has played guitar since the age of 12. 

Dorothy Cox, Gary's wife, is on bass, vocals, and harmonies. She was born in Baytown, Tx and has been playing in bands throughout Texas since 2011. 

And on drums is Maxwell Muckelroy from Lockhart, TX.

 They are currently recording a new album. You can check out some of their music on YouTube, Spotify, and their Facebook page. Shoot them a message on the contact page for more info and be on the look out for that new album!